Renewcast in a nutshell

We are an Italian innovative Start-up with international footprint and a global vision



We provide a reliable answer to questions like:

How much will my wind/solar plant will produce in the next hour, 24h or couple of weeks?

Will the energy market be long or short?

In other words…

We Predict the value of our Client…. We predict your value

Our market launch service platform is a short-term (hour ahead) and day-ahead wind power generation forecasting service, powered by a proprietary AI Saas Platform, with unmatched performance, reliability and ease of access & utilization.

We have a MAPE of max 15% on Grid dispatched energy (weekly/monthly average) vs an average MAPE of 40-45% in day ahead wind power forecasting. MAPE vs nominal installed power is as low as 3% (weekly/monthly average)

Renewcast is a project with almost two years of development … we are still in stealth mode until end of H1 2021.

We Will soon come out to market with the first relevant an National/European Clients

Our is a "premium-price-for-premium-performance" business model. We will be disrupting the global market paradigma by providing:

  1. Superior performance
  2. Sharing of the risk/benefit of our superior forecasting performance
  3. Managing data quality and complexity for our Clients


We truly believe that the energy world is and will be Data driven, so we are committed to develop, deploy and continuously improve Deep-tech and break-through Big Data/AI solutions into our proprietary Saas Platform.

We started with  focused with the wind forecasting service where we can prove to be disruptive. We also think big, and we want to grow and scale fast globally and with a full-blown energy market forecasting services


Our Vision:

To become the partner of reference for all energy operators' data forecasting needs related to all relevant energy market variable and dynamics (production, consumption, long/short term market position

Our Mission:

To Provide superior forecasting services managing data complexity of our Clients, investing in a value sharing partnership with them


This is Renewcast in a nutshell… Stay tuned… and watch out for us … more news on the market soon…



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