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We are looking for talented people, passionate for renwable industry and committed to grow with us


Who We are

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Who we are looking for

A young graduate, preferably with 2-3 years of experience, or not graduate with 4yrs+ of experience, with a passion for Machine Learning, Data Science and Data architecture. Creativity in approaching complex forecasting problems and transforming into practical solutions. Result oriented attitude, love for Research & Development work but with a strong bias to turn it into break-thorough solutions, strong attitude of problem solving and self learning.

Why work with us

  • To have the opportunity to be part of a fast growing company with established and important clients and with the potential to scale-up fast at global level in less than two years.
  • To became part of and learn from an highly experience and professional team with global and consolidated experience in the energy sector, AI, Machine Learning and High Performing Big Data structure
  • To contribute actively and proactively to our R&D projects focused on improving our Saas AI/ML platform and predictive algorithms
  • To grow with the company and participate to the value we will create together

Main Responsibilities

  • Support development and testing of ML based forecasting algorithms
  • Support daily operational delivery activities on Clients wind farm portfolio
  • Support data analysis, pre-processing, processing and develop new or improve existing automatic procedures for the Saas Platform

Main Skill requirements

  • Degree in mathematics, physics or computer engineering, or at least 4yrs+ work experience without degree
  • Relevant Hands-on knowledge of the design, development, experimentation, and testing of analytic tools, AI libraries and scripting languages (Python is a requirement)
  • Git and development/collaboration tools knowledge
  • Capable to handle big data analysis
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Basic knowledge of serverless systems
  • Experience in data analysis
  • Knowledge of main Machine Learning algorithms and model like Neural Networks, Classification and Regression Trees and Random Forest.
  • Capable to translate theoretical forecasting models into code, using mainly Python and at least another script language
  • Relevant Knowledge on how to run simulation and forecasting algorithms, how to test my algorithms with back-tests and stress
  • Knowledge of frameworks for web development

What we offer

  • Full time & long term employment contract
  • Company value creation sharing (through bonus scheme)
  • PC, mobile phone
  • Ticket restaurant for working days or equivalent benefit
  • Smart working/office mix scheme
  • Expenses reimbursement for work transfer out of office city, if resident outside Rome
  • Expenses reimbursement to transfer to office city (Rome), if in smart working mode and living outside the city for the first year of contract

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Viale delle Milizie 140

00192 Roma, Italia


Commercial Address (C/o Centro Uffici)

Via Zoe Fontana 220, Ed. B/2

00131 Roma





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