Our Saas Services

We aim to became the one stop provider for all the energy forecasting needs of our Clients

Service description in a nut-shell

We provide an Saas wind power forecasting service from 1 hour ahead (intraday energy, XBID energy market), to 15 days ahead.

In particular we can deliver day-ahead wind power generation forecasting as early as 10:00 am in the morning everyday, with continuous updates every hour.



Service elements

- Continuous pull access to our Saas platform through API to fetch directly latest wind power generation forecasting, for any subset of plants in the managed portfolio, for any tim windows from the past up to 15 days ahead.

- Guarantee of Day-ahead delivery every morning by 10:00

- Access to Client specific Front-end interface in Renewcast Saas Platform

- Possibility to schedule any number of push delivery to Client system thorugh any desired channel (API, mail, ftp, etc..) or format.



Renewcast Office

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mail: info@renewcast.com

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