Our Forecasting Performance

We provide unmatched performance in day-ahead wind power forecasting services

We are capable to deliver a performance of as little as 10% in day-ahead MAPE(*) on dispatched energy.

Our performance is unmatched in terms of day-ahead wind power forecasting in Europe and probably at global scale.


This error, calculated on the overall installed power translates into a nMAE (MAPE on installed power) as little as 2%.

Our performances can be compared to a best of market performance, in terms of MAPE on dispatched energy, of around 35-45% (as an average on the week/month period, with peaks to 60% MAPE on winter periods). 

We can reach our performances thanks to our Saas Platform architecture and algorithm (see: Our Saas Platform ), and also leveraging our capability to manage the Bid Data complexity (errors, meteo chaotic patterns, etc..).

The more data we can acquire from our Client the better have been our forecasting performances

Available Data Day-ahead forecasting performance (weekly/monthly average of daily KPI)
MAPE on dispached energy nMAE (MAPE on installed power)
  • Historical metering of power and meteo at WTG level
  • Live metering of power and meteo at WTG level


  • Historical metering of power and meteo at UP level
  • live metering of power and meteo at UP level
 15%-22% 5-6%
  • Historical metering of power and meteo at UP level
  • No live (weekly) metering or metering every month+1 or +2
25% 8-9%




(*) MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error), is calculated as an average on a week/month period and it is across the year, both in winter and in summer seasons. 

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