Our Partnership Value Proposition

We commit to a value sharing partnership, we manage your data complexity

Our aim is to introduce a disruptive innovation in the energy forecasting services global market base on our Unique Client Partnership Value Proposition.



Superior & customized Forecasting Performance

we are capable to deliver day-ahead wind power forecasting with a MAPE on dispatched energy of maximum 15%, with full data complexity management on our side (Our Saas Services).

Clients' plant portfolio have full customized instances of our ML data correction, meteo forecast optimization and wind power forecasting models. Customized and fully flexible access to our platforms is a base service for our Clients.

Data complexity management

Our Saas platform is built on framework ML models that are highly customizable and scalable to any type or dimension of wind farm (Our Saas Platform).

Forecasting reliability heavily rely upon data quality. We manage the data complexity of our Clients. We take whatever data the Client has and develop and apply, vs current market practice that leaves the burden of data quality assurance to the energy market players.

Risk/Benefit Sharing

The current market practice for forecasting services remuneration is upfront fixed payment of around 70/250 €/MW/year. All the forecasting reliability risk is on the Energy market players.

We share the reliability risk and the benefit of our superior performance with our Clients, based on the following terms:

  1. We are committed to a variable fee remuneration scheme for our forecasting services. If our performance will matched the market reference, so will our remuneration.
  2. When (and we are confident it will be the case) our forecasting performance will be higher than the market reference, our remuneration will be proportionally higher, according to a fair sharing of the incremental benefit for our Clients (in terms of reduced unbalancing cost).
  3. If (ever) our forecasting performance will be worse than a maximum performance threshold, we will commit to a zero remuneration.
  4. All previous commercial commitment will be assessed on a quarterly base. specific commercial parameters and thresholds will be negotiated during activation of the contract and apply only after a free trial period.

Free Trial & Start-up period

We commit to full investment until we have shown reliability of our performance.

Acquisition of any wind portfolio requires a period of start-up to customized data quality & cleaning procedure, meteo forecast model correction and wind power forecast model customization. Start-up period can take up to 1 month.

Our Client will not have to commit to a commercial service until we proved to be able to deliver superior performance

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